FedEx Indiana Truck Accidents

Truck Accidents

FedEx is the largest delivery truck service in the country, and one of the biggest in the world. This is a feat that many companies haven’t been able to achieve, perhaps on account of the number of years the company has been in service as well as the might of their stellar public relations and advertising departments That being said, some of FedEx’s success has to do with the fact that they get the job done in a timely manner at all times. This creates a legion of satisfied and repeat customers who swear by the company’s reliable services.

FedEx Indiana Truck Accidents

Accidents involving FedEx trucks in Indiana are not a thing of urban legend; they do occur for a number of reasons. However, most of the time, these accidents are swept under the rug by a public relations department that’s always working hard to conceal any unsavory incidents as well as the ability of the company to pay off injured members of the public thanks to its billions of dollars in yearly revenue.

If you get into a FedEx truck accident, you’re most likely going to think that the company will step up and pay up so you can get compensated for your injuries, your medical bills and any present and future pain and suffering. This, however, isn’t what happens because FedEx has a lot to lose. First, each truck they have is insured for over a million dollars, without forgetting the smaller umbrella policies on the driver and other things. This means that should you start presenting claims, they may be forced to shell out a pretty penny, something that’s not in their best business interests.

Here are some of the most common causes of Indiana FedEx truck accidents:

  • Overspeeding – FedEx drivers are under immense pressure to deliver goods at a certain time. This is because should they delay on one delivery, they will more often than not set off a chain reaction where their other deliveries for that day will also be delayed. The truth is that overspeeding is attributed to poor time planning and can have its roots in poor driver training in the first place.
  • Poor truck maintenance – It’s not uncommon for truck companies to overlook repairs, thinking they are minor and can be delayed just for the sake of making more money. Most of the time, these repairs are pushed to the site until a time when they become real problems down the line.
  • Driver fatigue – in an effort to keep up with the massive amount of package delivery jobs, FedEx may work their drivers to the bone. With this comes fatigue which has been shown to negatively affect focus and attention on the road, making it more likely for an accident to occur.

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