FERS Disability Retirement – Read This Before Applying

If you’ve sustained a permanent injury as a federal worker and have run out of work options within the federal government after your employment agency has exhausted all avenues, it may be time to look into federal employee disability retirement and the resultant benefits. This is usually advised for people with chronic illnesses for which there is no known cure or a health condition so severe that working now or in the near future is out of the picture. That being said, getting ready for federal employee disability retirement will require taking stock of a lot of things that you may not have looked into that we’ll cover in this post.

Are you looking for a federal employee retirement benefits attorney? Going it alone and sending in your retirement application as an injured or sick federal worker is inadvisable due to the lack of experience regarding the legal requirements for retirements as well as your lack of access to medical resources with physicians who are familiar with this type of retirement. To save time and effort, please contact us TODAY at 1-855-233-3002 to learn more about how we can streamline the whole process for you at a reasonable cost.

Service History Vital For FERS

In order to be accepted into federal employee disability retirement, you must first calculate your service history with the federal government. As a rule of thumb, you must have worked at your federal position for over 18 months in order to become eligible. Next, you must put in this application within a year of your separation from federal service by submitting a form via your employing agency which will then send it over to OPM.

Medical Reports for Federal Disability Retirement

The next thing you need to ask yourself as you get ready to apply for federal employee  retirement benefits is whether you are committed to upholding OPM requests regarding submitting evidence on a regular basis to show that you are still disabled and deserve benefits. It is at OPM’s discretion to choose an individual who may have to send them periodic medical reports to qualify said individual for ongoing benefits. It is important to uphold this requirement when you are asked to do so as well as pay for medical exams of the same in order to continue to receive FERS benefits. If you do not comply, your benefits will be suspended until a time when you fulfill this request.

Friendly and Experienced FERS Attorneys – Call Us Today!

Applying for federal retirement disability benefits is not an easy task, and there’s a lot of waiting around: it may take you up to 9 months to a year to have your claim approved. However, by working with a FERS attorney, you may be able to get your papers in order and have your claim looked over from time to time so you can hopefully cut down on this time. Ready to hear more? Please call us at 1-855-233-3002 to speak with a FERS benefits lawyer. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.