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Healthcare workers are the backbone of the Illinois healthcare industry. Without people like nurses and physician assistants, no hospital would be able to carry out normal operations during any given day. To this end, they must be accorded the care they deserve from a health standpoint to ensure their productivity. This, unfortunately, is an industry fraught with so many risks that it is more likely for healthcare workers to suffer injuries than those in other industries such as hospitality.

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Alarming Hospital Injury Statistics Paint Grim Reality

A report released a few years back showed that nurses’ assistants and other healthcare staffers bear the brunt of workplace injuries. In fact, the figures put it at 146 workplace injuries for every 10,000 employees in the country.

Healthcare Worker Injuries in Illinois

The report cited musculoskeletal disorders, or MSD, as the most common type of injuries experienced by healthcare staffers. These injuries are usually due to physical overexertion due to for example lifting or pushing heavy items or objects. In addition, repetitive motions can cause musculoskeletal disorders on account of pinched nerves, with carpal tunnel syndrome, strains and herniated disks being some of the most common complications associated with repetitive motions.

Workplace Violence Rife in Illinois Hospitals

The report also went on to uncover a disturbing trend of workplace violence that healthcare workers encounter with increasing frequency. This violence is usually meted out by patients as well as the patient’s family. Interestingly, violence was found to be the most common injury cause in hospital settings, just behind falls.

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As an injured healthcare worker in Illinois, it is important to take action to safeguard your rights. Hospital administration may brush away your complaints or try to blame you for injuries, or underpay you via Illinois workers’ compensation insurance to make the event go away. This is why it’s vital to get in touch with a hospital injuries lawyer in Chicago in order to get the maximum allowable compensation by having us determine the circumstances behind the injury, and if negligence had a role to play in it. Need to talk to a Chicago hospital injury attorney? Call us NOW at 1 (773) 825-3547 for more information on your legal options for compensation. We look forward to hearing from you.