Filing Food Poisoning Lawsuits – What You Must Know

Food poisoning is an unfortunate reality that will affect millions of Americans at any given time. A lot of people will put this event down to bad luck. However, the truth is that food poisoning is almost always caused by negligence which is punishable by law via a personal injury lawsuit. Food poisoning can lead to astronomical hospital bills, time off work, health complications leading to surgeries and even disability, or even death. It is because of this that you must get to the root of your food poisoning case in order to get the justice you deserve for the deterioration of your health.

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Food Poisoning Lawsuits  – Evidence is Key

Food poisoning cases are given more credence and are likely to succeed if there are many people who are affected. In addition, these cases rely on evidence that is clear beyond the shadow of a doubt. It is not uncommon for people to inadvertently leave food out on the counter when they get home, resulting in it growing bacteria over a number of hours, poisoning the person who was intending to eat it. This is why it is so important to get in touch with  food poisoning attorney so extensive investigations can be done to determine whether other individuals were affected to give your case more weight in a court of law.

Is It Worth It To File a Food Poisoning Case?

Food poisoning cases are worth pursuing if you were so sick to the point where you had to be hospitalized and incurred substantial medical costs. In addition, if you missed time off work, thereby forfeiting pay, or had to have a loved one work an extra shift to make up for the deficit in income, it may be worth filing a food poisoning lawsuit.

What You Should Know About Food Poisoning Lawsuits

It is not uncommon for defendants in such cases to blame you, the plaintiff for playing a contributory role in your contracting a food-borne illness. They may, for example, question your food preparation or food storage techniques, or they may point to the fact that you’ve suffered food poisoning numeral times in the past. This is why it is so important to provide conclusive evidence such as a medically tested stool sample which will prove contamination in order to have a better chance of getting the compensation you deserve. In addition, food poisoning cases are much easier to win if they were due to an outbreak that the government warned consumers about (such as salmonella in eggs, or a similar, dangerous bacterium in prepackaged salads) since there will be a preponderance of the evidence with regard to negligence on the food preparer’s part leading to mass food poisoning.

Food Contamination and Poisoning Lawyers – Call Us Now!

When it comes to liability, the law exercises strict liability tenets which means that you don’t have to prove the defendant’s negligence. In addition, food poisoning cases are usually tied to breach of warranty as it violates a minimum standard suppliers and restaurants must provide to all their customers to keep them safe.

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