Fire Truck Accidents In Indiana

Truck Accidents

Fire trucks and similar emergency vehicles belong to the county government and as such are immune from prosecution. That being said, there are instances where you may be able to file a claim if you were involved in an accident with these large vehicles. If you’re wondering whether you can sue a fire truck for injuries you suffered in Indiana, you’ve come to the right place.

Indiana Fire Trucks and the Traffic

We all see them at one time or the other: large fire trucks weaving through traffic, sirens blaring as they try to get to where they are needed in a timely manner. Many drivers will stop and give way. A select few, however, will not stop which can make the fire truck driver’s maneuvering a pain and difficult. This can lead to loss of control and a serious accident which can cost lives on the road as well as the destination where the help is needed.

Causes of Fire Truck Accidents

Getting to the scene of a fire or health emergency is something that shouldn’t be an excuse for fire truck drivers to navigate our Indiana roads in a reckless manner. These individuals are required to stay within a certain speed limit, as well as respect road rules.

In addition, fire truck drivers are human and may overindulge in alcohol or stretch themselves too thin once in a while. This impairs their judgment on the road, making it more likely for them to cause an accident. In such cases, one can sue for careless driving via willful and wanton endangerment of the safety of other road users.

Fire trucks can also cause accidents if the ladders or hoses they are carrying aren’t properly secured. These can come off and crash into traffic, leading to serious injuries which will need immediate medical attention. In such instances, one can argue that the fire truck driver acted in a negligent manner by failing to take the necessary safety precautions to secure his equipment before heading out.

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Fire truck accidents are tricky because they involve the county or city council. Because of this, you want to get in touch with a lawyer who understands Indiana fire truck accidents on an intimate level. Please call us today on 877-561-3004 for your timely and free consultation into these types of accidents. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.