Fireworks Injuries In Indiana

Personal Injury

Fireworks are a mainstay during holidays such as New Year’s Eve and The Fourth of July. These spice up celebrations and create wonderful sights and sounds in our skies. That being said, fireworks are the cause of injuries and accidents that affect over 9,000 Americans each year. Fireworks injuries in Indiana are a huge problem due to the complications they cause as well as the potential for permanent life changes due to things like eyesight or hearing loss.

Fireworks injuries in Indiana usually affect the hands and face because these body parts are in close proximity to the firework that is being held or lit. these injuries can be in the form of burns, lacerations, blisters, broken fingers and nerve damage. In addition, due to the extreme amount of light and sound, it is not uncommon for people to go temporarily or permanently blind or deaf, necessitating immediate medical intervention.

Here are some disturbing facts about fireworks accidents in the U.S.:

  • 40 percent of injuries caused by fireworks are caused by illegal fireworks
  • 20,000 fires are caused by fireworks nationwide every year
  • Children aged 5 years and younger comprise of 14 percent of fireworks injuries.
  • More than 65 percent of fireworks are serious burns

Sparklers may seem like a good idea for kids; however, given the fact that they burn at over 1200 degrees, do not let your children go near or hold them for any reason. In addition, back up a safe distance after lighting a firework, and make sure they are bought from a reputable shop. Lastly, always supervise fireworks shows and never leave children to their own devices during fireworks display.

Legal Help For Indiana Fireworks Injuries

If you or a loved one was injured due to a fireworks malfunction or someone else’s negligent behavior, you may be able to file an Indiana defective product claim or personal injury lawsuit. We have over two decades’ worth of experience trying these kinds of cases, so you’re sure of excellent results from us. Please call us today on 877-561-3004 and receive your free and confidential consultation. Thanks, and we look forward to serving you.