Five Signs it May Be Time to Ditch Your Injury Lawyer

Legal representation is available to anyone when they seek it. With the proliferation of injury law firms and thousands of law firms available with just a simple Google search, clients in the information age really are spoiled for choice. However, with this variety and conspicuous representation, it may be easy to hire a bad apple and spend the next couple of months being underrepresented or losing a simple open and shut case.

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Here are some of the signs that you may need to ditch your attorney:

  1. They never respond to emails in a consistent and timely manner. It is important that your attorney is accessible and available to answer all the questions that you have, however inconsequential they may seem at first. A good and effective attorney will always bring you up to speed on your case and can be reached on a regular basis via email. An attorney ignoring your emails should be a red flag in your books.
  2. An attorney that is vague and not confident should be one to ditch. Aggressive representation is needed to stand up to the bullying often witnessed by attorneys from insurance companies and their armies of lawyers. You want an attorney that can be honest with you and not promise a certain outcome because the reality is that the legal world is replete with many moving parts that it may not be possible to have a clear picture until the you’re weeks away from agreeing upon a settlement.
  3. If you call the law firm and have a new person on the phone every time, you may want to move your business elsewhere. This is usually a sign of a high turnover rate which doesn’t bode well for the business as a healthy work environment often produces good results and inspires employees to keep working for said business.
  4. Any attorney or law firm that heavily discounts its services or provides special offers does so because something may not be right somewhere. This could be a sign that the lawyer loses claims to the insurance company often and isn’t worth their salt, or that they are new and inexperienced and are looking to practice their legal skills on you, so to speak. A great attorney will charge you a fair price, and it won’t be discounted because frankly speaking, good legal services aren’t priced on the low end of the spectrum.
  5. Attorneys that are unprofessional may ruin your case altogether. This can be in the form of taking on cases with a clear conflict of interest, padding your billing, missing court dates, filing deadlines or not telling you about making important legal decisions first can all spell doom when it comes to your legal claim.

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