Flatbed Truck Accident Kills Porter, IN Man

A 30-year-old Porter Indiana resident died lost his life when his car crashed into a trailer on the I-80 on the 5th of this month. Augustin J. Carreon was traveling in an SUV on I-80/40 when he hit a flatbed truck which was transporting steel. The impact from the accident was so severe that it caused the car to burst into flames, with no way for the driver to escape the fiery wreckage.

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Bystanders Rush To Indiana Car Accident Scene

The accident occurred at about 9.45 pm adjacent to the Porter exit. It is thought that the Mazda CX9 was being driven at a high speed when it rammed into the flatbed, causing it to stop in the center lane before bystanders rushed to try to get to the driver. However, they were not able to open the doors to the SUV. A trooper showed up at the scene shortly after the accident and tried using a fire extinguisher, albeit unsuccessfully.

Flatbed Accidents in Northwest Indiana are Lethal

Flatbed accidents with sedans or SUV’s are particularly lethal due to the fact that the driver of the vehicle may not see a driver pulling up behind the trailer due to a wider blind spot. In addition, these trailers have a raised base in such a way that it may be very difficult for their operator to see other vehicles via their side or overview mirrors. Therefore, truck drivers are required to drive in a careful and purposeful manner at all times. Flatbed truck drivers are also required by the FMCSA to adjust their speed accordingly in relation to other vehicles on the road in order to keep a reasonable stopping distance between their trucks and other vehicles due to the propensity for flatbeds to take longer to come to a stop in relation to your average American sedan or SUV.

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