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With our busy lifestyles, nobody cooks or heads home for lunch anymore, and many times, we order takeout instead of making dinner given the convenience and variety we’re surrounded by. The food industry adheres to very stringent safety standards given the dangers attributed to food poisoning, meaning that food poisoning cases are usually due to blatant negligence should they happen.

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Food Poisoning Facts and Statistics

According to CDC data, there are over 76 million instances of food poisoning each year. In addition, 5,000 people lose their lives to this preventable occurrence, and over 300,000 are hospitalized due to food poisoning complications.

Some of the most common food poisoning agents (viruses and bacteria) include:

It is not easy to know exactly which of these agents are responsible for your food poisoning until a battery of tests is done. Given the sometimes fatal outcomes of food poisoning, it is important to see a doctor immediately so you’re treated in less than 24 hours after your falling sick.

What To Do After Suffering Food Poisoning at a Restaurant

Should you have leftovers from the food you suspect caused your illness, it is advisable to pack it safely, together with the purchase receipt and bring it over to us as well as take a sample to the hospital for legal and public health reasons. On top of this, make sure to have your medical provider provide you with the exact cause of your condition, and track all the symptoms you experience as well as their dates in order to have records with which we can prove your case.

Best Food Poisoning Attorneys

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