Forced To Quit Due To Poor Work Conditions Due To COVID-19?

With no end in sight with regard to coronavirus, individuals are having to take it one day at a time. In addition, work environment can make the difference between staying healthy or contracting the deadly virus. It is important to note that your employer is mandated by the law to provide a safe and healthy working environment at all times, as well as make sure that workers have access to things like testing services, PPE’s, and so much more. In these uncertain times, some employers have resorted to making work conditions intentionally intolerable in order to have their workers quit just so they can stop hemorrhaging money in the form of salaries and operational costs. Is this legal? This is the question we will seek to answer in this post.

Were you wrongfully intentionally terminated at your workplace as a result of coronavirus? We have been fighting for the rights of workers across the country for over 70 years, and we appreciate the workforce’s role in the economy as well as affirm their rights to basic concepts such as access to a safe working environment. If you believe that your employer intentionally made your work environment unsafe or intolerable in order to get you to quit during the pandemic, please contact our best coronavirus wrongful termination attorneys at (773) 823-0298 for more information on your legal rights as well as possible compensation.

Here are some of the coronavirus related intolerable working conditions:

  • Failure to provide masks to workers
  • Failure to enforce social distancing
  • Not asking infected workers to stay home
  • Failure to commence remote working in response to the pandemic
  • Not listening to employee pleas about improper sanitization of the office

OSHA Work Safety and COVID-19

It is important to understand that OSHA regulations, a government body, requires that employers enforce certain safety regulations in order to keep you safe as a worker at all times. This is found in the OSHA handbook, which can be downloaded from the government’s Department of Labor website. In addition employers are bound by a certain duty of care that requires them to act in a manner that is reasonable when protecting their employees from any health hazards. Failure to apply this duty of care leading to a worker contracting coronavirus can be seen as negligent which is a litigable offense under personal injury law.

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