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Lowes is a national, well-known home-improvement chain of stores that caters to individuals passionate about do-it-yourself projects. It employs just over 260,000 individuals, and its stores are large and well stocked, rivaling some of the largest warehouse in any region. Working for Lowes requires you to be quick on your feet and have excellent customer skills, as well as have a can-do attitude about anything Lowes related. That said, even the best Lowes workers come to find out that their loyalty was for naught when they get injured and management disowns them or treats them in a less than stellar fashion, doubting or downplaying their injuries. While you’re entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, it is vital that you work with an attorney to ensure maximum compensation.

Were you hurt working at Lowes? Our Lowes workers’ compensation attorneys are standing by to help you get the compensation you truly deserve. The Lowes injury attorneys at McCready bring to the table cumulative experience that spans over 90 YEARS. We’ve handled large corporations in the past and we’re not afraid to go against Lowes and their legal team. It is important that you move FAST in order to safeguard your claim as an injured Lowes worker by calling us NOW at (773) 900-5566 so we can start the discovery process on your behalf. What’s more is that we work on contingency fee basis which means that we don’t charge you a cent until we recover compensation on your behalf. For your FREE, no-commitment consultation as an injured Lowes worker, please call (773) 900-5566 NOW to learn more. Handling all injured Lowes worker legal claims countrywide.

Here are some of the ways in which you can get injured as a Lowes employee:

  1. Slipping and falling on left over water from mopping by another employee
  2. Poorly arranged boxes tumbling down and crashing into you
  3. Inadequate security outside a Lowes causing you to get attacked by a criminal
  4. Tripping and falling on carpeting that hasn’t been well-maintained
  5. Getting worked to exhaustion, making it more likely for you to get injured
  6. Tripping and falling in the parking bay due to an uneven sidewalk
  7. Falling off a poorly maintained ladder while stocking items
  8. Getting asked to repeatedly carry obviously heavy boxes without taking breaks

Lowe’s Workers’ Compensation Attorneys – Call Us Today!

It is vital to get medical treatment as soon as your injury occurs. This will serve as evidence that you were indeed injured. Waiting for a week or a month and then going to the doctor may cast aspersions on your claim, making it more likely for Lowes management to prevail should you decide to file a lawsuit. You also want to make sure to report the injury to your supervisor, but be careful to not sign any papers without having our Lowes’ workers’ compensation attorneys take a look at the same – these documents may waive your right to file a legal claim, so you want to be very careful with that. The problem with Lowes is that their insurance department may decide to undervalue your claim or throw it out outright. Because of this, you want to seek out the services of an experienced Lowes injured worker lawyer like the ones found in our firm to lock in on your compensation. Need more information? Please contact us NOW at (773) 900-5566 to learn more about your legal options. Thanks, and we look forward to helping you.