Got Injured at Red Lobster as a Worker? Doing THIS Will Get You Compensated

Seafood is big business across the country, and many Americans are realizing the incredible health benefits of eating seafood or becoming pescatarian. Red Lobster is a seafood restaurant that has been in existence for decades, effectively cornering the lobster market thanks to its commitment when it comes to serving freshly caught lobster, crab and other shell fish. Red lobster has over 700 locations in the US and worldwide, with over 100 of these located in Florida. Due to the number of its restaurants, Red Lobster has a large workforce, and it currently hires a staff of over 50,000 to man all its restaurants and critical operations. If you’re a Red Lobster worker, you know how difficult and exhausting the job can be due to the popularity and the high foot traffic that makes its way into any Red Lobster restaurant. With fatigue usually comes the likelihood for injury, as well as managers not following the government safety agency OSHA’s regulations when it comes to worker safety. If you got injured while working at Red Lobster, you may be forgiven for thinking that the company has your back on account of the workers’ compensation benefits that are mandatory for every business establishment in the country. However, what injured workers don’t know is the fact that these claims are not only heavily contested, but there is also the real risk of not receiving a sufficient amount of compensation that is in line with your injuries. If you got injured while working for Red Lobster, you need experienced legal help, and we’re here to offer exactly that.

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Experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorneys for Injured Red Lobster Workers – Call NOW!

As a Red Lobster worker, it is important to note that your safety should be your employer’s priority. If you got burned by hot oil while cooking, if you slipped and fell due to wet conditions anywhere in the restaurant premises, your first priority should be to take photos of the location or video as this will be vital evidence that will inform the value of your claim (ask a coworker to do this for you if you cannot do the same). Next, ensure you head over to the ER even if you feel fine as your winning your claim will be contingent on the demonstration of robust medical evidence. Want to know more about how to get started on your claim? Please call us NOW at (773) 825-8649 to speak with one of us. Thanks, and we look forward to helping you.