Got Run Over by Machinery at Construction Site? Do THIS First

Most of us would never think of vehicles running us over because the consequences for whoever is involves are catastrophic. We like to think that these things only happen in movies, but the truth is that they happen with frightening regularity in industries such as construction. There are a number of heavy machinery that are used in construction sites, so the potential for an individual to get hurt is pretty high. Thankfully, the work safety government agency OSHA has put in line an extensive safety regulations protocol which must be followed by all workers and enforced by foremen, construction site managers or supervisors. If you do get run over by heavy machinery at a construction site, you can bet that this was due to someone else’s negligence, and according to personal injury law, negligence leading to injuries is grounds for compensation by way of a civil suit. If you were injured, you have every right to file a claim in order to recover money damages, and we’re here to help you with that.

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Some of the most common heavy equipment on construction site include:

  1. Backhoes
  2. Dump trucks
  3. Cranes
  4. Bulldozers
  5. Loaders
  6. Excavators

Construction Site Vehicular Accidents – What Causes Them?

These machines tend to be difficult to stop once started due to the fact that they have complex machinery and moving parts. In addition, due to the fact that the driver is sitting at such a height from the ground, it may be difficult for them to have a clear view of what is happening on the ground. Should someone who hasn’t been trained on the operation of these machines get on one and not practice due diligence, they may end up backing up and running a worker over, or turn a corner and mow into unsuspecting workers working on a particular section of the building. In addition, heavy equipment must be maintained on a regular basis, particularly the braking system in order to prevent a malfunction. Service appointments must be documented, and must be followed through in order to keep workers safe.

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