Guide to Compensation for Loss of Sight in One Eye

Loss of vision in one eye or both eyes can be a distressing thing to go through. Sometimes, this loss of vision is temporary, but if other structures of the eyes are involved such as the  optic nerve, it may be impossible to reverse vision loss, leading to permanent vision loss in one eye. These events can happen due to various things such as an auto accident causing vision loss due to debris such as glass flying into one’s eyes, or medical malpractice where a procedure such as cataract removal or LASIK surgery going wrong. The attorneys at McCready Law have experience fighting for people who may have lost vision in one eye, and we empathize with what you’re currently going through.

Are you looking for information about loss of vision in one eye settlements? If you’d like to file a partial vision loss lawsuit, we’d love to help. We are a nationally-recognized personal injury law firm with combined legal experience spanning over 90 years. We have tried countless cases and recovered over $30 million for past clients and counting, and we take on every case with the attention and diligence it deserves: no case is too small, or too big. If you’d like to file a claim for vision loss in one eye lawsuits, please give us a call TODAY at (773) 985-5139 for more information on your legal options. Remember, the call is 100% FREE, and there’s no legal obligation.

Here are some of the events that may lead to loss of sight in one eye:

  • Ophthalmologist malpractice
  • Car and truck accidents
  • Product liability or unsafe products
  • Industrial accidents
  • Medication error
  • Explosion injuries
  • …and lots more.

Permanent damage to the optic nerve usually leads to vision loss that is irreparable. In addition, untreated conditions such as high blood pressure can put a lot of strain on the eyes, causing certain eye vessels to burst, leading to permanent blindness.

Compensation for Loss of Sight in One Eye

When it comes to compensation for loss of vision in one eye, figures vary, but you can expect anywhere from $150,000 to $300,000, and all the way up to $900,000 if there was egregious or gross negligence. That being said, don’t depend on the insurance company to do the right thing, as well as doctors, defendants or businesses as all these entities will always put their needs first before yours. It is important to reach out to a vision loss in one eye attorney FIRST before you speak with anyone as this will help preserve the integrity of your case. In addition, there’s something called the statute of limitations whereby you must file your loss of sight in one eye lawsuit after which the opportunity to recover compensation will be gone forever.

Lawyers for Loss of Sight in One Eye – Call Us Today!

Some of the damages you can recover for loss of sight in one eye include medical bills, equipment and rehabilitation, loss of income earning ability, loss of consortium, mental anguish, pain and suffering and so much more. At McCready Law, we believe in bringing every negligent party to justice so you can be made whole again. Clients around the country trust us to recover maximum compensation for them, and we are not afraid of going to trial if need be. Please give us a call NOW at (773) 985-5139 to receive your 100% FREE legal consultation on loss of vision in one eye legal claims. We look forward to hearing from you.