Heart Attack at Work ? Who Pays ? Read This First

With heart disease being the leading cause of death in the country, everyone is taking the health steps they need to in order to stay healthy and safe. Heart disease can be insidious in the sense that you may not know that you have clogged arteries or are about to suffer from a major health event due to chronic inflammation of the blood vessels that carry blood to and from the heart. Construction workers, by virtue of the high octane nature of their work, seem to be at an elevated risk for heart disease, according to numbers coming from the DOL, or the Department of Labor.

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Shocking statistics from the CDC state that 1 in 4 construction workers is at risk for heart disease. Workers in this industry work long hours, put up with stressful situations, may not get to move much for weeks at a time, and do not typically receive a healthy lunch given the short meal times allocated to them due to the pressure of having to finish a project within a set schedule.

Some of the work conditions at a construction site that may trigger heart disease include:

  1. A high pressure environment with unreasonably tight deadlines
  2. A toxic work environment with an abusive or unreasonable manager
  3. Having to do more work than is expected with regards to OSHA guidelines
  4. Overexertion from back-breaking physical labor all day
  5. Failure to provide regular medical screenings to construction workers.

Workers’ Compensation for Injured Construction Workers

In order to get compensation for a work-related heart attack, it is important that, through your construction worker injury lawyer, you show that the heart attack was caused by work conditions. In most cases, a doctor must show that work factors, or a specific work-related activity was a substantial contributing cause to your heart attack.

Heart Attack on The Job – Call Our Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Today!

Life is never the same after a heart attack. You may suffer a second heart attack which may lead to your death. Because of this, you will not only need to employ certain lifestyle changes, but also look for a work environment where you’re not placed in stressful situations or are doing more than is humanly allowed according to government safety regulations. This can take a toll on your financial, physical and mental health. To this end, we want to make sure you get the maximum compensation allowed by law. Ready to speak with our best construction injuries attorneys? Please call us for FREE today at (773) 906-4159 to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you.