Help, I Got Injured By a Construction Hoist – What Should I Do First?

In construction zones where cranes are simply impractical or one needs to move large groups of individuals or materials at once, hoists are the perfect choice given their ease of use and the lack of complex maneuvering which is often needed when it comes to the operation of cranes. That said, hoists must be installed in the proper manner, by qualified individuals, and be tested and maintained on a regular basis in order to ensure worker safety. OSHA is a government safety agency that has laid out the different safety protocol when it comes to the installation of such structures in construction sites across the country. Should an accident happen involving a hoist, chances are that it was caused by the contravention or not following of OSHA regulations, resulting in injury. If you are a construction worker that was injured by a hoist, you have every right to file a legal claim as this will help you recover money damages for a number of things such as medical bills, lost wages and so much more. In such instances, you’ll need the services of an experienced attorney, and we’re here to help.

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Some of the most common hoist accidents include:

  1. Electrocution due to contact with a power line that lies in the path of the carriage
  2. Hoist collapse on account of overloading or malfunction
  3. Having workers fall of the hoist due to poor safety protocol
  4. Getting caught in-between the hoist and a wall or equipment, resulting in getting crushes
  5. Workers on the ground getting struck by an object from the hoist

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Hoist injuries almost always occur due to failure to take into account safety and maintenance protocol. To this end, if you were injured by a hoist at a construction site, chances are that someone else’s lack of foresight or direct negligence was the cause. We can help you recover for things like lost wages, present and future medical bills, pain and suffering, rehabilitation costs, legal fees and so much more. Simply call us NOW at (773) 362-2747 to learn about your legal rights. Thanks, and we look forward to helping you.