Here’s How Technology Can Help With Your Auto Accident Claim

Personal injury lawsuits are heavily dependent upon a preponderance of the evidence which is used to show who was at fault and to what extent they were liable for the accident that occurred. Nowhere is this more relevant than in the case of car accident cases. New technology has been able to skew the evidence in the plaintiff’s favor in ways we’ll take a look at shortly, but it is first important to understand that auto accidents don’t just happen out of the blue due to some stroke of fate: a human hand usually causes these accidents, whether it be via negligence or distracted or any other act another reasonable individual wouldn’t have done had they been in the same situation. If you were injured in an auto accident and are looking to file a lawsuit, you have every right to do so as this will help you seek money damages as well as emotional closure so you can be made whole again, and we’re here to help with that.

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Event Data Recorder Technology

After 2014, every manufactured car was required to come fitted with EDR technology that would record braking frequency, speeding frequency and other driving details especially moments prior to a crash. This data is highly valuable in auto accident cases because it can prove definitively who was at fault in the lead-up to an accident when compared to the other driver.

Dash Cams in Auto Accident Cases

Some cars also come retrofitted with dash cams, which are great for capturing head-on or forward-facing collision. If you tried to swerve to avoid any oncoming vehicle to avert a collision, the dash cam will record this, and this could be entered into evidence in your injury case.

Driving Technology Failure

Lastly, in case a driving technology was the proximate cause of your accident, this may be recorded within the piece of technology pointing to the exact time that the other driver’s technology such as brake assist failed: this will help you bring forth a product liability claim against the car manufacturer.

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