Here’s How To Get Compensated for Soft Tissue Injuries – More Inside

Soft tissue injuries after a car accident, slip and fall, work or industrial injury may not seem like a big deal – however, they are just as serious as other injuries that may be termed as catastrophic due to the long-term effects that they leave on the body of the victim. Soft tissue injuries can be defined as injuries which affect soft tissue such as tendons, muscle, and ligaments. These types of injuries can leave you with chronic, unremitting pain and be hard to treat as it may be difficult to pinpoint with surgical accuracy the location of the injuries, unlike something like a broken bone or traumatic brain injury which can be determined via imaging studies. Individuals that sustain soft tissue injuries are eligible for compensation in the same manner as those with apparent injuries like broken bones, and our injury law firm is ready and willing to help if you suffered soft injuries due to the negligence of a careless individual or business entity.

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Soft tissue injuries can involve things like:

The most common causes of soft tissue injuries are:

  1. Car accidents
  2. Assault
  3. Slips and falls at businesses or places of work
  4. Repetitive motion injury such as typing or performing the same motion for years

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Because the injuries associated with soft tissue injury may not be apparent right away, it may be challenging to establish a causal link between the negligent act and your injuries. That said, seeing the doctor, even when you have no outward signs of injury after an accident is VITAL as these trained medical professionals will notice something that you may not have seen as a layman. The doctor will then write up a diagnosis and the rationale behind it, and it is this kind of evidence that will sway a case in your favor. In addition, contacting our soft tissue injury attorneys will help you build a strong case with compelling arguments so you can receive maximum compensation, either through insurance company negotiations or litigation. Please call us NOW at (773) 900-5566 to learn more about your legal rights. Thanks, and we look forward to helping you.