Here’s How to Talk to an Injury Lawyer for The First Time

Statistics state that almost every one of us is going to be the victim of an auto accident or injury at one point in our lives. It therefore is important to get familiar with the legal process in order to have your ducks in a row for that fateful day when you’ll need the services of an injury attorney. If you’re injured and are wondering about how to talk to a lawyer, and what to tell them upon first meeting with or talking to them, keep reading.

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Calls Are Free and There’s No Commitment

When you call one of our attorneys, please be aware that we won’t charge you for the legal advice we shall provide. This is because of the fact that we work on a contingency fee basis which is a fancy way of saying we won’t charge you a cent until we recover compensation on your behalf. In addition, you won’t be our client until you sign a legal agreement with us, which means you can talk to as many attorneys as you’d like and shop around before making your final decision. One thing’s for sure however: our 70 years of collective experience and millions recovered for our clients puts us heads and shoulders above the competition.

What To Expect When Meeting With Your Injury Lawyer

Here’s a helpful checklist of what to expect:

  • The attorney will ask you to bring with you medical reports
  • They may ask you about the extent of your injuries and ask to see them
  • They may ask about whether you spoke to anyone else about your injuries eg the insurance company
  • They may ask you to sign legal documents establishing an attorney-client relationship
  • They will ask that you provide information regarding your insurance coverage
  • They may ask that you sign a certain document which will give them access to your medical records from the hospital
  • They will give you the next steps to expect, which could be an investigation into the circumstances surrounding your case
  • They may provide you with a rough estimate of what to expect when it comes to compensation
  • They may ask that you speak to no-one about the case’s particulars as doing so may destroy your compensation prospects

Honesty Is The Best Policy When Consulting an Injury Attorney

During a deposition or if it comes to it, a court trial, you will be cross examined extensively. Anything you may have concealed during discovery or at any point in the legal process for your personal injury lawsuit will be laid bare to all parties. The truths that may come out could implicate you in your injury, or lay bare a litigious history, or even a criminal history. Therefore, you want to be completely frank with your attorney so they can know how best to defend you in the face of insurance agency representatives and their attorneys. Make sure to tell your injury attorney about any past injuries, whether you’ve filed for bankruptcy, whether you are or considering divorce, and any potentially financially damaging information or anything that could cast aspersions on your character in front of a judge.

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