High Nursing Home Worker Turnover May Lead to Negligence

A lot of people begin their search for a great nursing home for their loved ones online. The reviews online are usually glowing and positive, and lots of people profess that the nursing home they chose for their ailing mother or father is the best. However, the reality is that nursing homes across the country have glaring errors and are often accused of mishandling senior citizens simply because there’s lack of oversight as well as stringent regulations to make them do the right thing. One of the major issues plaguing nursing homes is a high turnover rate experienced by management in these facilities. This should sound an alarm bell, because more often than not, this issue has a spillover effect on the senior citizens, making them prone to injuries, illnesses and serious health complications that can shorten their lifespan.

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Nursing Home High Turnover – What Causes It?

The reality is that working at a nursing home is a usually stressful job which more often than not doesn’t pay well. In addition, there is low worker morale as well as lack of communication between workers as well as management, making it difficult for workers to be productive as well as efficient. A study published by the health policy journal Health Affairs put staff turnover rate at nursing homes at over 128 percent, with some nursing homes experiencing an alarming 300 percent turnover rate.

Consequences of High Staff Turnover at Nursing Homes

When turnover rate is high at any work environment, tempers are short and workers have little patience as they have to carry an extra work load for the same amount of money until nursing home management finds a suitable replacement. In an effort to find said replacement, they are quick to hire an individual that isn’t as experienced or doesn’t have the prerequisite training just so they can lighten the load and the facility can run somewhat smoothly again.

When nurses are underpaid commensurate with their qualifications, they are more likely to leave these facilities. This then leaves residents without the proper care, and some of them attempt to carry out tasks on their own such as going to the bathroom or eating by themselves, which then leads to falls, and choking. On the other hand, a high turnover rate may mean that injuries as well as illnesses such as aspiration pneumonia aren’t reported to management in a timely manner, and they are more likely to turn into real emergencies and sometimes may lead to loss of life.

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