Hip Fractures May Signal Nursing Home Negligence and Abuse

A hip fracture is dangerous for seniors, especially those that are receiving care in a nursing home. When you’re over the age of 60, nothing heals the same, and it can lead to a whole host of health complications such as blood clot formation and infection post-surgery. To this end, nursing home staff and management should do everything in their power to make sure that hip fractures don’t occur in the first place. Hip fractures in individuals over the age of 65 increase the likelihood of mortality, and significantly lower their quality of life. Hip fractures are almost always caused by falls which must be mitigated in a number of ways by nursing home staff such as providing at-risk seniors with wheelchairs or canes, or helping them up from beds or chairs so they don’t fall. Hip fractures in seniors at senior centers are grounds for a lawsuit as they are due negligence, and we can help with this.

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It is estimated that over 3 million elderly individuals go to the ER every year due to fall-related injuries. In addition, it is estimated that over 95 percent of all nursing home hip fractures are due to a fall. Out of every five falls, one leads to severe and even catastrophic injury.

Here are some of the risks that increase the risk of falling in the elderly:

  1. Presence of a chronic illness such as Alzheimer’s
  2. The side-effects of some medication of which vertigo is one
  3. Understaffing a nursing home will make residents want to do things on their own
  4. Poor vision that comes with aging
  5. Poor maintenance of nursing home premises e.g. loose flooring and slippery surfaces

Preventing Falls and Hip Fractures in Nursing Homes

Prevention is always the best thing to do when dealing with risk associated with elderly living. This can include things like limiting senior movement after taking certain medications, redoing the floors to make them less slippery or placing carpeting, monitoring certain at-risk patients and assigning special carers for them , and providing them with assistive walking devices should they need them.

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