Home Owners Exploited by Confusing Insurance Policies

With the seeming rise in the size and destructiveness of hurricanes and tropical storms over the last few years, many homeowners are wondering whether their home will be covered by insurance if disaster strikes. But unfortunately, insurance companies’ policies are often convoluted and filled with loopholes to allow the insurance companies to keep the money that their clients deserve.

The Traina’s of Staten Island are a perfect example.

Falling trees smashed their home during Hurricane Sandy. But because of the language of their policy, their insurer Allstate was able to claim that only $10,000 of the damage was caused by trees and the rest was caused by flood damage, for which they only had to pay the family $10,000.


reported, “fewer than half of the 95,500 buildings damaged in Nassau and Suffolk counties by superstorm Sandy were covered by flood insurance.”

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