Honest Baby Powder Recalled

The Honest Company is in the news again, and this time, for all the wrong reasons. Early in January, the company recalled its Honest Baby Powder product after they discovered that it could cause eye and skin infections. The product which contains probiotics meant to replenish bacterial flora on the skin is just one of many Honest Company products that have been hit by complaints and lawsuits from the public lately.

The Rise of the Honest Company

The Honest Company has enjoyed spectacular success since its inception 6 years ago. In fact, the company’s owner is now over $1.7 billion richer thanks to gimmicky marketing and a decent line of products for home, health and beauty needs.

The Trouble With The Honest Company Products

The Honest Company was recently put on the chopping block when it was discovered that their sunscreen didn’t offer sufficient protection, leading to some consumers to develop sunburn. Another product, a shampoo, was found to contain a known skin irritant, sodium lauryl sulphate even when the company had earlier promised it would not use artificial ingredients when it was founded.

Honest Company Class Action Lawsuits

The Honest Company is currently facing a slew of class action lawsuits brought forward by consumers who used its many products. In one lawsuit, plaintiffs allege that the company marketed its infant formula as being organic when it wasn’t.

Deceptive Practices

Companies like Alba’s The Honest Company reveal the amount of deception that faces unsuspecting consumers who are blinded and blitzed by flashy marketing and advertising into believing lies and half truths. It is our responsibility as Indiana’s premier product liability lawyers to hold these companies accountable to their deceptive practices.

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