How a Case Manager Will Help Your Personal Injury Claim

A lot of people don’t know this, but there are levels to the workings of a personal injury law firm. Many injured individuals are of the opinion that they will speak with a personal injury lawyer from the moment they get in touch with a law firm, and that things will progress from there. This can’t be further from the truth due to reasons we’ll see shortly. That said, please note that just because you don’t speak with an injury attorney from the first moment you make contact doesn’t mean that your case won’t be given the attention and dedication that it deserves.

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Why is a Personal Injury Case Manager Important?

In order to keep a personal injury law firm’s affairs running smoothly and help with intake efficiency and the processing of injury cases, many law firms depend on a case manager. This is an intelligent, well-put-together individual who takes over a case’s details and keeps the client updated on any requirements as well as the progress of the case as it progresses.

Case Managers Keep You Updated on Everything

Many attorneys are usually so tied up with cases that it is hard to get hold of them. They may be visiting the insurance company, in a deposition meeting, or at the courts for a hearing. Because their time is stretched so thinly, they must rely on someone or a group of people to make sure their other clients are kept abreast of the progress of their claims. A case manager performs such administrative duties, often using allocated software to do so.

Communication With a Case Manager

A case manager can either meet you, talk to you over the phone, email or post mail you in order to keep you updated regarding your case. While it’s often that case managers are employed in a temporary manner by the law firm, most are hired full-time. These individuals tend to be well-versed when it comes to research, and often work overtime and long hours in order to make sure that all client deadlines are met.

Experienced Injury Attorneys – Call Us Today!

If your injury is being handled by a case manager, there’s nothing to worry about. This is a good thing because even while the attorney is away, your case will still progress, and you’ll get regular updates. You may also be able to reach the attorney through the case manager and have issues settled in as little time as possible.

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