How Dangerous is Methylene Chloride? The Answer May Shock You

The world of chemistry is responsible for technological advancements as well as the betterment of our lives. Since the 1950’s, science has grown by leaps and bounds, making it possible for us to live comfortable, beautiful lives. However, there is a dark side to almost all chemicals due to their potential to cause injury, cancer, and even death upon sustained exposure. Methylene chloride is a paint stripper or thinner that is used during the painting process. This is a solvent that is used in construction on a regular basis, and without it, paint would not have the viscosity needed to be applied evenly on walls and surfaces. In addition, it is used to remove the same paint when it’s time to apply a new coat. Methylene chloride, however, has recently been shown to cause certain cancers as well as lung issues.

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Methylene chloride is primarily known and used as a solvent in paint strippers. However, it is also a component needed in the manufacture of certain pharmaceuticals, as well as a component in aerosol sprays. It is also used in the cleaning of metals, and has been listed by OSHA, a government safety body as a potential carcinogen.

Here are some of the ways in which methylene chloride can harm:

  • Upon direct contact, the chemical causes severe dermatitis which presents in a rash. In addition, should an individual handle methylene chloride and then touch their eyes, blindness can result
  • Upon ingestion, methylene chloride causes gastrointestinal disturbances and can burn the throat and the mouth. This chemical is so dangerous that if it is ingested, an individual can die if they do not seek immediate medical attention.
  • Upon inhalation, which mostly occurs in manufacturing plants, the chemical interferes with oxygen delivery to various cells as well as nervous system impairment. This can lead to hypoxia, lung injury, and even death is the inhalation is sustained for long periods of time.

Methylene Chloride can Kill in Minutes

Methylene chloride is so dangerous that it can kill in minutes. Various agencies have lobbied for its banning, but pushback from individuals at the Environmental Protection Agency thwarted these plans. Plans to regulate it are underway, but more and more people are losing their lives due to this highly toxic chemical. Consumers, unaware of the dangers of this compound, are still using and buying paint strippers, and it is unbelievable that an agency that was formed to protect the people is doing the exact opposite with regard to methylene chloride.

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