How Do I Fill in the CA-1 Form? Injured USPS Worker Guide

Injured postal workers can sustain an injury caused by an external force or stress or strain in the line of duty. This can be something like a fall, a dog bite, a car accident or torn meniscus due to having to lug heavy mail bags with a prior injury to said muscle. OWCP is very strict when it comes to traumatic injury claims for postal workers because of the perceived frivolous claims they encounter regularly.

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The CA-1 injury form covers questions such as:

  1. When did the event or injury occur? You will be required to fill in the date and time of the injury within the form.
  2. What is the nature of the event that occurred? You’ll be asked to describe exactly what happened, and the specific event that occurred leading up to your injury. Here’s an example: while walking up to the mailbox, I was attacked and got bit by an unleashed dog.
  3. Whereabouts did the incident take place? Here, you’ll give information on the exact location of the place where you got injured.
  4. What body parts sustained injuries? This is straightforward, and could be things such as your upper arm, wrist, knee, ear or spine.

You may have sustained multiple injuries or complications arising out of your initial injuries. This will call for perspicuity in your CA-1 injured federal worker form so that you are provided with the compensation you deserve. In such cases, you may not be able to resume working, so it is advisable to check the COP box, also known as the Continuation of Pay box, making you eligible for receiving regular pay for the first 45 days after your injury.

You can download the CA-1 form here.

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