How Do I Know If I Have a Strong OWCP Case?

Federal compensation is a convoluted affair, and stories abound regarding people who were denied when they filed for benefits as well as had their benefits reduced after an assessment was done. Just what is a strong case in the eyes of OWCP? The answer to this question eludes many applicants who more often than not find themselves in the dark with regard to what DFEC really wants from them as far as qualifying requirements are concerned.

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Evidence in Federal Workers’ Compensation

Evidence is key in any federal workers’ compensation claim. If you suffered any injury or were harassed while carrying out work duties, it is important that you have documentation to help give your case a backbone. For example, if you were bitten by a dog as a federal postal worker while delivering mail or a package, photos of the puncture wounds or torn clothing, as well as a medical assessment and medication scripts will all go a long way in confirming the validity of your claims.

File All Documents in a Timely Fashion

Another thing that makes for a strong federal workers’ compensation case is the timely filing of all forms as well as cooperation with supervisors on the same. You only have a certain time window after the discovery of your injuries to file a claim, so it is important to act fast and be proactive. Not doing so will constitute negligence on your part, something that OWCP won’t take kindly. In addition, if you wait until your injuries have somewhat healed may make the agency think that you don’t really need compensation and are doing just fine on your own, and with your own resources.

Persuade, Explain and Convince

Lastly, it is important that you’re able to argue and with logical connectors, show that the actions of an individual caused your injuries. Just filing isn’t enough: there has to be some kind of effort on your part to prove that you are unable to return to work and that the consequences of your injuries will last for a while. For this, you will need an experienced federal workers’ compensation attorney who will go against federal bodies on your behalf to get you your compensation in full.

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