How Long Can I Be on OWCP? Answers Here

One of the major questions we get asked as a federal workers’ compensation law firm is “how long can I be on OWCP workers’ compensation?” This is a question that is often laced with fear and borne out of anxiety which is understandable as many sites and forums online are filled with injured federal workers wondering when or if OWCP and DOL will yank the carpet from under their feet at any given moment even when they haven’t fully healed from their injuries. In this post, we’ll be exploring the question of timelines, eligibility, and what to do to ensure that you stay on federal workers’ compensation for as long as is possible.

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How Long Can You Stay on OWCP Compensation?

It is important to know that one can stay on federal workers’ compensation for as long as they are injured and has the supporting medical report affirming the same. Your rights as an injured federal worker are protected under FECA legislation, so getting removed from compensation without a relevant legal rationale is practically unheard of. That said, it is important that you agree to all requests sent over by OWCP such as requests for treatment, examinations and submission of all paperwork in a timely manner as there are deadlines to be met that OWCP and DOL does not forgive. Refusing an OWCP directive in their mind would be almost stating in a roundabout way that you’re no longer injured or have fully recovered therefore their rationale to withdraw a schedule award may be justified.

Second Opinion Exam for Injured Federal Workers

Your claims examiner isn’t your enemy; therefore, being open and honest yet professional should be the goal. Should they ask for a second opinion exam as an injured federal worker, agree to the request and make sure you send over the report before the deadline.

Vocational Rehabilitation for Injured USPS Workers

Injured federal workers also have the option to work light duty if their injuries aren’t so severe. Vocational rehabilitation may also be on the table as a tool to determine if you are fit for work. Non-compliance can have them reduce your compensation to zero until a time when you comply with their instructions.

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