How To Fill Out CA-7 Form – Federal Workers’ Compensation

Form CA-7 is used by federal workers seeking to claim compensation for traumatic injuries suffered while on the job, as well as those who may have sustained an occupational disease during the performance of work-related duties. This form may be filled online, or downloaded and filled offline.

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With form CA-7, you can apply for:

  1. A schedule award
  2. Wage loss
  3. Leave without pay
  4. Leave buy back

Here’s how to fill in form CA-7 as a fresh applicant who didn’t use ECOMP to file your initial claim:

  • First, log on to ECOMP with your username and password
  • Locate your case by clicking the blue button found at the top of the screen
  • Click on “File a CA-7” and then continue on to the next step
  • Enter your case file number as well as other pertinent personal information including your injury date in order to access your case.
  • Enter your SSN number carefully, and ensure that it matches with the one on file. Click on “continue”.
  • Once the system repopulates the form with your case information, indicate which form of compensation you’re seeking, as well as the compensation period. Don’t forget to include whether or not the dates are intermittent.
  • If you’ve worked at a different job that is not your federal job, indicate this and then click “continue”.

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In the second part of our CA-7 post, we’ll go over additional details that must be filled out on your CA-7 online form. If you’d like a step-by-step guide, as well as explanations on the implications of some of the questions found on this form, give us a call to talk to a real, experienced attorney regarding all matters surrounding federal workers’ compensation. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.