How To Handle Requests for Second & Third Opinion Exams for Injured Postal Workers

Injured postal workers are sometimes asked to undergo a second opinion exam. This is just another way for OWCP to trump up a reason to boot you out of federal workers’ compensation or deny you benefits from the get-go. As a rule of thumb, remember that your claims examiner is not on your side, nor are they your friend. Their role, above all else, is to save the government money at your expense. Decades of loyalty to the government are thrown out the window if you present with an injury and are looking to be duly compensated.

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OWCP  May Be Unhelpful 

OWCP doesn’t care if you’ve already been examined by a competent doctor who wrote up an objective medical report. Their role is to poke holes in your story to find the weak link that they will then use to justify their decision to take you out of compensation.

Medical Evidence for Injured Postal Workers

OWCP requires from you, the injured postal worker, something called strong medical rationale which is a conglomeration of medical evidence as well as a doctor’s report showing a causal relationship between your injuries and the subsequent diagnosis, and what work activity caused the condition. There is no room for speculation in this report, and OWCP will go as far as seeking a second, third, fourth and even fifth opinion as you go through the claims application process.

FECA Approved Federal Compensation Doctors

The doctor’s medical report must be able to stand up to intense scrutiny. In addition, you as an injured postal worker must work with a physician who is not only well-versed in federal workers’ compensation medical exams, but one who won’t be offended that their medical opinion is being questioned by the federal agency.

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