How To Lock in Your Schedule Award as an Injured Federal Worker

A schedule award in federal workers’ compensation helps a lot of injured individuals get something that will help tide them over for weeks, months, or years. That being said, OWCP doesn’t simply hand these over easily – you must be prepared to fight for yours. In this post, we’ll share with you schedule award secrets OWCP doesn’t want you to know about.

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What is a Schedule Award?

A schedule award is given out to federal workers who have suffered a permanent injury. You can either choose to have it paid to you over a certain amount of time, or receive it in a lump sum manner. Your schedule award as an injured federal worker usually depends on the details in your medical file.

Federal Workers’ Compensation Doctors

Doctors are typically hired by your federal employing agency to look into your injuries. We all attribute doctors to being fair and impartial. However, when it comes to federal workers’ compensation, you can bet that they are anything but if they are hired by your employer.

It is best to hire your own doctor before proceeding with your claim. As you do this, make sure that they understand the seriousness of the matter and the fact that your approval will hinge on their specificity in the medical report. You need to work with your doctor to ensure that your report is as detailed as possible: for instance, they should mention that you had no problem with the injured body part prior to your injury, and that the injury is not to be expected for someone your age, and that it is not commensurate to degeneration and wear and tear experienced as one ages.

Lastly, ask them to assign a favorable rating to each of your injuries in order to give your report gravitas which will tilt the case in your favor. That being said, this rating should adhere to the guidelines set by the federal government.

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