Hunting Accidents — Practice Safety with Hunting Devices

No, most people are not hunters, particularly in the Chicagoland area.  But surprisingly, our office has handled several hunting related cases over the years.  We just began representing another client in a hunting related case, so we thought it an appropriate time to devote a Third Thursday article to hunting.  Read on, it may surprise you how people may be injured by merely hiking in the woods.

Even the most careful and seasoned hunters can injure someone else or themselves.  Hunting is not merely with guns.  Many hunters use bow and arrow.  Any time you use a lethal weapon, you must take the utmost care.

It may go without saying, especially for those who do not hunt, but NEVER point a weapon at someone, even if you are certain it is unloaded.  This is sage advice for anyone handling a firearm.  The news often covers stories where children were playing with firearms they believe unloaded, only to seriously injure or kill someone.  Even experienced hunters must exercise care with their weapons.  It is virtually per se negligence if someone shoots someone with a weapon they did not believe was loaded.

Injuries also occur where the hunter has not clearly identified the target.  These cases are just as tragic as shootings in the city.  A hunter must exercise reasonable care in making absolutely sure the target is an animal and not a person.  Even in hunting season and areas where hunters may not expect people, they still have a duty to ensure the target is an animal.

We have one case where a hunter was climbing, with a loaded rifle, to take position into a tree stand.  The gun discharged and injured our client.  Getting into a prime spot or rushing somewhere means nothing if a hunting accident occurs and someone is seriously injured or even killed.

Unfortunately, even the most careful hunters can be injured by other people, or they can injure someone themselves.  Injuries from hunting rifles and other gear are usually serious, and sometimes fatal. The attorneys at McCready, Garcia & Leet have seen firsthand how serious accidents can occur while people are hunting for sport.

Our office has handled more firearm and hunting cases than we care to admit over the years.  If you know someone who has been injured by a firearm and want to know if there is a case, feel free to contact us to discuss the facts in a free, no obligation consultation.