I Feel Fine After My Car Accident – Should I Still See a Doctor?

A lot of individuals that get into car accidents may feel just fine hours, days and even weeks after the accident. They may have been in a fender bender, a side swipe accident, were rear-ended, or may even have been in a head-on collision. Feeling fine after a car accident can belie your true health issues shortly after the event, and we’ll be taking a look at some of the main reasons why you should see your doctor after your car or truck accident even if you feel fine. Equally importantly, however, is the fact that you must contact an auto accident attorney to find out how this accident will impact your life going forward, as well as establish fault if you believe that the other party was at fault. Doing so will enable you to recover compensation and get the closure you need in order to continue on with your life, something we’re able to help you do in as little time as possible.

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Hormones May Protect You From Pain After an Accident

One of the major reasons why you may feel completely fine after an auto accident is the fact that a traumatic incident tends to activate adrenaline and other fight or flight hormones in the body. Endorphins, dopamine and oxytocin are at an all-time high, and this is the body’s way of protecting you from any form of trauma so the brain is better able to handle it and not go into shock or suffer a breakdown. These hormones may be at an elevated state for days, and in some cases, weeks after your accident, protecting you from pain and emotional trauma. However, they will eventually wear off, and the pain from the injuries you may have suffered but aren’t aware of will come coursing back into your body, making you feel sensations that are delayed from the accident.

Evidence Plays a Central Role in Auto Accident Cases

One important reason why you should see a doctor after an auto accident even though you feel well is the reliance of the courts as well as insurance company adjusters on the evidence presented that will inform the payout or compensation you will receive. An objective medical report detailing your injuries after a car accident is priceless since this will back up the amount you are seeking in terms of money damages, money that will go a long way in catering for your medical care, lost wages, emotional distress and so much more.

Best Countrywide Auto Accident Attorneys

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