I Got Injured In An Uber Accident – Should I See a Doctor?

It may seem like a doozy, but a car accident, no matter how minor, should be grounds for heading to the ER in order to get checked out. Rideshare accidents are on the rise due to the popularity of services such as Uber and Lyft, and more and more people are signing up to become drivers, even without having the prerequisite experience due to the amount of money they can make. If you’re injured in an Uber such as in the case of a sideswipe accident caused by the driver, you may be tempted to brush it off and go about your day because after all, you’re not seriously injured, right? Well, some injuries that may seem inconsequential at first may end up becoming serious and necessitating urgent medical care down the road in ways we’ll take a look at in this post.

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Got Injured In an Uber – Should I Seek Medical Attention?

Injuries after an Uber accident can seem deceptively minor. If it’s not bleeding, or if you don’t have a huge gash, many people will assume that you’re OK and that it’s nothing a bit of resting up can’t fix. Well, there’s something known as an invisible or internal injury that usually cannot be divined by the average layman, but imaging technology such as an X-Ray or MRI can pick up. It is vital that you visit an ER after your Uber accident an injury so that these imaging tests are performed so that you are given a clean bill of health.

Delayed Injuries After an Uber Accident

Another reason why you should see a doctor after your Uber accident is because some of these injuries only show up much later. Delayed injuries can be things such as a nerve injury that only shows up when you’ve suffered a secondary injury many months later. By seeing a medical professional after your Uber injury, you’ll be able to catch these delayed injuries at a much earlier date and mitigate them before they turn into full-blown medical complications much later.

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