I Received a FECA OWCP Vocational Rehabilitation Order – What Should I Do?

The federal government hates having to lose out on revenue on account of an injured federal worker. In addition, injured individuals may have to be replaced, which can costs hundreds or thousands of dollars or even a couple million dollars, money that the government could have put to good use elsewhere. It is because of this that OWCP and other federal workers’ compensation bodies created the vocational rehabilitation program.

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DFEC, or the Division of the Federal Employees’ Compensation collaborates with OWCP to determine which claimants are nearing full recovery in order to create plan which will get them back to federal employment. However, it is important to note that this plan will more often than not  include a lower paying job in comparison to your typical federal workers’ compensation payout.

DFEC will consult with the following:

  • Your case manager
  • Your former employee
  • Your doctor
  • Federal workers’ compensation nurse

This is done in order for them to have an accurate  picture when it comes to determining if you’re ready to get back to work, as well as the work adjustments that will need to be made in order to ensure you are reintegrated successfully.

When you’re approached by the federal government with a request to go through vocational rehabilitation, do not delay in the hopes that they will somehow drop the request. Should you show signs of non-action, the federal body has the right to dock the amount on your federal workers’ compensation monthly check to get you to act.

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