I Was Injured at an AirBnB – Do I Qualify for Compensation?

Informal “hotels” such as AirBnB’s are ideal for those of us always on the road who need a place to sleep and a hot meal. They are ideal for the holidays when you’re traveling to a city and don’t have friends or family you can stay with, and they offer convenience for a reasonable price. Getting injured at an AirBnB has become an issue over the years due to the lax regulations that govern this service in particular, the lack of experience of hosts who don’t have the decades of work major hotel chains have put in, making it more likely for guests to sustain serious injuries that the property owner may not be able to anticipate.

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AirBnB Injuries – Why and How They Happen

A recent US study shone light on the unsafe nature of AirBnB properties, citing the lack of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, first aid kits and fire extinguishers as some of the concerning issues surrounding AirBnB safety which may compound a simple injury into something catastrophic. In addition, due to lax regulation, it is virtually impossible for the internet-based company to verify that the properties that sign up to let rooms have the needed safety appliances even when said property owners indicate the availability of these appliances or equipment.

Getting Hurt at an AirBnB and AirBnB Insurance

AirBnB has a Terms of Service in the websites that signifies a contractual relationship. That being said, this is deceptive because if you carefully study these terms, you will realize that the contractual relationship only exists between you and the property owner. In addition, AirBnB extricates itself from all liability should you, the guest, get injured. One could look therefore to homeowner’s insurance to seek compensation, but this may not work out given the fact that there needs to be business insurance in place as the property qualifies as a place of business due to it offering services. Most AirBnB property owners don’t have this, so a claim for compensation would fall through the legal cracks once more.

Does AirBnB Cover Injury?

Luckily, AirBnB’s Host Protection Insurance will come to the rescue as it protects hosts from third party liability claims which are filed by you, the guest after suffering bodily injury. Host Protection Insurance is offered to all hosts that put up their property on the AirBnB website. If you were injured at an AirBnB  anywhere in the country, you want to make sure to seek prompt medical care. This is because your medical records may carry the most weight with regard to your AirBnB injury claim as injuries cannot be refuted, and the diagnosis of a doctor as well as the suggested course of treatment definitively signifies an injury occurred.

Next, you want to make sure to take lots of pictures of the accident scene, offending hazard that caused the injury, and video footage if you can. Make sure to take photos from multiple angles, and record witness statements and their contact information if any. Next, file a standard claim with AirBnB as a company, but do not provide them with any additional information, and don’t say anything to them or the property owner before speaking to an AirBnB injury lawyer.

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