Illinois Premises Liability Secrets You Must Know About

Thousands of individuals across Illinois suffer injuries while on another person’s property or while on commercial premises. If you’re one of the unlucky many, you may be wondering about liability as well as what you’re eligible for should you decide to file a claim. Under Illinois law, you can file a lawsuit if injured via the premises liability legal principle which we’ll take a look at shortly.

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Illinois Premises Liability and Duty of Care

According to Illinois law, you are owed what’s called duty of care by the owner of a property from the minute you step foot inside or any other place that is designated as part of the premises that belongs to a said individual or corporation. This basically means that the owner must take reasonable measures to not only warn you of any potential hazards that may harm you, but also fix problem areas in a timely manner to ensure that the premises are safe for the public.

Who’s Responsible for My Injuries?

It is important to note that apportioning responsibility for the injuries you have suffered isn’t cut and dry in some cases. This is because property owners may not be in control or in charge of the running of the building at the time of your accident. For instance, anyone leasing the building or office or restaurant in which you were injured may be the subject of a premises liability claim in Illinois as long as it can be determined that they were in control or in charge of the space at the time of your accident.

Illinois Premises Liability Claim – Fulfill These Conditions

In order for you to have a valid Illinois premises liability claim you must show via your Illinois injury attorney that there was a dangerous condition on the premises, the party in possession of the building or space knew or should have known about it, and that they failed to exercise reasonable care to discover, warn or fix the issue, leading to your injury.

What Can I Sue For?

Should you be successful, you can collect money damages for things like lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering as well as punitive damages if the actions of the defendant are discovered to be particularly egregious.

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