Important Information About Return to Work for Injured Federal Workers

Injured federal workers have the option of returning to work at the advisement of their OWCP and treating physician, and if they feel that they can be productive in a modified work environment after receiving treatment and a short period of convalescence. Federal workers, especially postal workers, are surrounded by so many hazardous environments and situations that injuries have almost become an inevitability during the course of their careers. Federal compensation for injured workers is and has been available for decades for those who have sustained an injury in the line of duty as long as the injury is work-related.

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OWCP Injury Forms – The First Steps to Take

After sustaining an injury as a federal employer, you are required to report it to your supervisor who will then advise you to fill in a CA-7 injury form. This should ideally be done immediately or within 10 days of having sustained your injury. You will then go to a doctor (preferably one conversant with the OWCP process) who will examine you, fill in the form by writing an objective medical report, and making an appropriate diagnosis. The treating doctor must show a direct relationship between your injury and the event that caused it, thereby incapacitating you, making you unable to carry out job-related duties.

In the event that you may be able to carry out limited work, or light duty as it officially known, your physician will outline this in your form, making it clear which tasks you can and cannot perform. Before your return to work as an injured federal worker is facilitated, however, you will have to ask your employing agency to draft a limited duty job offer letter to both you and OWCP so it can be examined and deemed suitable by concerned parties.

Return To Work – What If I’m Not a Good Fit?

Should OWCP find that the job description is unsuitable in line with your injury limitations and the restrictions put forth by your treating physician, they will ask that you not resume work at this new position and will instead provide you with continuation of pay benefits and other forms of compensation. If, however, it is deemed that the offer is fine and won’t hinder your recovery process, they will ask that you respond to their recommendation within 30 days.

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