Important Information About USPS Form CA-17 For Letter Carriers

Injured postal workers are required to fill in form CA-17, which is a form which outlines information from a doctor forbidding an injured federal employee from carrying out certain activities due to their inherently physically taxing nature. This form should be filled in by your supervisor and your treating physician, and you should personally send it over to the OWCP office in London, Kentucky.

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Filling in Form CA-17 For Injured Postal Workers

The CA-17 Duty Status Report has two sides – A and B. Your supervisor fills in the first side, specifying which activities you perform at work as well as the duration of these work-related activities. Your supervisor is also required to specify the amount of weight you’re required to carry on a continuous or intermittent basis. Lastly, your supervisor is required to outline how your injury happened, which body parts were affected as well as any other information regarding the employee’s job which are necessary but haven’t been included on the form.

Side B – Form CA-17 Instructions

Side B, on the other hand, is filled in by your treating physician. Your doctor must include information such as a diagnosis due to your injury, their clinical findings, whether your medical history is in line with the information that the supervisor provided in the other section of the form, and whether or not you can return to work so you can carry out your regular work responsibilities.

Do NOT Give The Filled Form To Your Supervisor

It is important to note that your supervisor is not legally allowed to take a look at this form once it leaves the possession of your physician. It has come to our attention that some supervisors may glean information from this form and then use covert surveillance to track your movements outside of work to prove that you did not suffer the injuries you claimed you did due to your ability to move around or carry out similar activities while away from work.

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