Important Information on Attorney Fees for Injured Federal Workers

Injured federal workers will find that OWCP can be a bureaucratic nightmare should they try to apply for benefits and start the process on their own. There are legal nuances, different individuals and offices to deal with, and the waiting times can do anyone’s head in. because of this, you want to do the smart thing and hire a best federal workers’ compensation attorney in order to make the whole process run smoothly due to these individual’s expertise and experience when it comes to this legal specialty.

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Consultation Fees

When it comes to attorney fees for federal workers’ compensation, no two law firms are alike. That being said, it is not uncommon for a best injured federal worker attorney to ask for a retainer, which usually ranges anywhere from $3000 to $5000.  Injured postal worker attorneys will provide a complimentary telephone consultation, and they may charge $300 to $400 an hour whether it is a telephone or an in-person consultation.

Retainer and Contingency Fees – Are They Applicable?

It is important to note that contingency fees are against the law when it comes to OWCP. On top of that, OWCP will have to review all fee statements provided by your injury lawyer for federal workers in order to approve or reject them according to 5 U.S.C 8127. Federal workers’ compensation fees are paid on an hourly basis, and a competent and experienced attorney will place the retainer in a trust account and not touch it until the case is complete and OWCP gives a green light to the legal fee. Last, but not least, please note that you will be required to foot the expenses of the case.

What Percentage Do Postal Worker Attorneys Take?

Once the case is done and your claim is approved, your attorney will transfer funds into an IOLTA Claimant account, take 20 percent as payment and wire the rest to your account once the necessary paperwork is complete. Attorneys for injured federal workers will ask that you pay for expenses such as medical consultations, document drafting, interview conduction, time traveled on your behalf, note writing, research, et cetera.

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