Important Information on Continuation of Pay Regulations for Federal Workers

According to FECA regulations, injured federal workers are eligible to receive their wages during the period that they sustain a work-related injury for up to a certain number of days. Officially known as Continuation of Pay, this program makes it possible for injured federal workers as well as federal workers in other branches of the government to take care of their financial responsibilities in the interim without having to wait for the schedule award payout that may come months later.

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Continuation of Pay Regulations – Here’s How It Works

According to FECA, you are eligible for the continuation of your regular pay if you sustain a traumatic injury; this pay will last for up to 45 workdays. It is important to note that OWCP doesn’t pay Continuation of Pay to injured federal workers; it’s your employer who takes care of this amount. In addition, Continuation of Pay is taxable, as well as subject to accounting deductions.

It is important to note that Continuation of Pay is not compensation: it is instead a salary, much like what you currently earn at the moment as an injured federal worker. In addition, you may not receive overtime, Sunday wages as well as lost time, but you may receive holiday, hazard, and premium pay. In order to receive Continuation of Pay, you must fill in and file form CA-1, which we can help with. That being said, it is important that you fill this form within 30 days of your having sustained your injury.

There are a number of individuals that are not eligible for Continuation of Pay:

  1. Government volunteers
  2. Those working in Youth Conservation Corps
  3. Those providing personal service to the government
  4. Those involved in work-study schemes
  5. Petit and grand jurors

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