Important Information On Federal Workers’ Compensation Attorney Fees

If you are in the US Postal Service, VA, Homeland Security or other branches of the federal government and go on to suffer an injury, you are entitled to compensation. This is thanks to an OWCP program which is overseen by OPM, or the Office of Personnel Management. FECA is an act that was passed in the mid to late eighties which makes it possible for all injured federal workers to claim compensation benefits to help sustain themselves post-injury by making it possible for them to receive timely and ongoing medical care as well as cater to their daily financial needs for the duration of time that they are out of work and incapacitated.

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Federal Workers’ Compensation Fees – What’s Not Allowed

In case you’ve done a cursory search on Google to learn more about injury attorneys, you may have come across the term “contingency fees” or the slogan “no fees until we win”.  However, what you may not know is that it is illegal for an attorney to ask for contingency fees when it comes to injured postal worker compensation claims. This is a directive provided by OWCP and that according to EACB, or the Employees Compensation Appeal Board, only hourly rate fees, upon approval by OWCP are applicable for such cases. This means a best injured federal worker lawyer will not ask you for a retainer or take on your case on contingency fee basis, and if they do, you don’t want them to take on your case because they don’t have an understanding of the intricacies of federal workers’ compensation.

Billing Process for Federal Workers’ Compensation

It is also important to note that an injured federal worker is not paid until the case is completed, and OWCP gives their green light upon reviewing the billing statement and if what the injured federal worker lawyer charged you a reasonable amount of money in relation to their work as well as your injury. Sometimes, however, a postal worker attorney may ask you for a retainer which is placed in a trust which they are not allowed to remove until OWCP reviews and OK’s the legal fees. Lastly, an experienced federal workers’ compensation attorney will prepare an itemized billing statement that will get sent to you every few weeks which you will need to make a copy of and sign, and return the signed copy to the attorney.

Injured Federal Workers – Call Us For Free Legal Advice!

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