Important Information On The USPS Workers’ Compensation Process

As bona fide federal workers, USPS staff are eligible for compensation should they suffer an on-the-job injury. The USPS compensation process isn’t as convoluted as it is laid out to be on internet forums as well as a number of websites, with one of these being the Department of Labor website. With the right OWCP lawyer by your side, you can successfully file a claim and have it accepted in as little time as possible as long as your postal worker injuries meet the criteria set forth in accordance with FECA regulations.

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OWCP handles all injured federal worker claims, including those filed by injured USPS workers. Should you suffer an on-the-job injury leading to disability and the cessation of the performance of work duties, you may become eligible for Continuation of Pay which will last 45 calendar days and no more. In addition, you will receive wage loss compensation, as well as timely medical care if you suffered said injury OR contracted an occupational disease, or had a disease made worse by the performance of work duties. Lastly, you may also be entitled to vocational rehabilitation.

Schedule Award for Postal Workers – How Does It Work?

Schedule award for USPS workers usually kicks in after Continuation of Pay and will compensate an injured postal worker for the permanent loss of a limb, organ or body function. USPS worker compensation may include reimbursements and not the payment to have a medical procedure done: because of this, please keep all your medical treatment, payment and prescription slips in a file for safekeeping until a time when you are able, with our help, to present these to OWCP so you can receive compensation on the same.

USPS Workers Compensation Forms – Why Experienced Counsel Matters

In order to receive compensation, you’ll be required to fill in a number of USPS workers compensation forms. These must be properly filled or they may be returned with instructions on how to fill them. This can be a time-wasting endeavor for the uninitiated, and this is perhaps one of the reasons why you need an USPS injured worker attorney. In addition, any injury must be shown to have been directly caused by a specific incident at work within a particular shift or day.

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