Indiana Balcony Accidents And Injuries

Premises Liablity

Balconies are common in Indiana homes that are storied, and they are great places to have barbecues as well as spend a sunny summer day. There are over 50 million balconies over the country; that being said, a lot of people assume that these structures are and will be safe for many years to come, without taking into account things like manufacturing defects, wear and tear and poor or no maintenance.

Indiana Balcony Injuries are Catastrophic Events

Balcony injuries tend to be catastrophic since a collapsed balcony will almost always send you falling to the ground beneath. Broken bones, head trauma, internal bleeding, lacerations and spinal injuries are common in Indiana balcony injuries, necessitating immediate medical help which is almost always expensive and lengthy.

If you rented your house or live in a multi-storied apartment, your landlord is supposed to make sure that the balcony is regularly inspected and repaired on a regular basis to keep you safe. In addition, they should warn you of any balcony hazards well before they become major problems so you can reasonably avoid them. Failure to do this constitutes a breach in Indiana premises liability law, making it possible for you to sue them for damages.

Balcony injuries can also be caused by poorly made material or improper installation. Should you get injured, you can go after multiple parties: first, you can sue the manufacturer of the balcony material, followed by the contractor that installed it, as well as your landlord for allowing someone or a company who may have a history of flouting manufacturing or installation rules.

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