Indiana Car Accident Roundup For January 2017

This January was an eventful one in Indiana as far as accidents are concerned, with dozens of people losing their lives on our roads in sometimes mysterious but all the while unnecessary circumstances.

New Palestine Indiana Car Accident

In New Palestine, a woman lost her life after her car was involved in a three car accident. The woman, Tammy Farver, was 41 and an Indianapolis native. It is alleged that she was driving west on the U.S. 52 and got hit as she attempted to turn south to get into the First Merchants Bank parking lot nearby. Her car got rear-ended by a wrecker which was being driven by 33-year-old Jason Holderfield, also from Indianapolis. While police didn’t suspect alcohol or drugs, Mr. Holderfield stated that he didn’t remember how the accident happened or the crash. Ms. Farver died from her injuries, while Jason was treated at a nearby hospital for serious but non-threatening injuries.

The Times Indiana Photographer Killed in Car Crash

Mid last month, a 35-year-old man became a car accident victim when the car he was driving crashed into a tree. The man, Danny Shelton Jr., was declared dead at the scene by police. It is alleged that he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident, but his airbags were deployed upon impact. Danny was a photographer for The Times Indiana. The accident happened on Ind. 8 and County Road 30 East.

North West Indiana Car Crash Claims Two Lives

Two men lost their lives in North West Indiana when their truck veered off the highway near Lowell, Indiana before slamming into a tree and going into a ditch and then ramming into a utility pole. The two men, identified as Christopher Pickett, 30, and David Klahn, 44, were found dead by authorities by the time they arrived at the scene. It is unclear what the actual cause of the accident was, and police don’t have a definite answer regarding who was behind the wheel.

Indiana Car Accident Attorney Help

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