Indiana Car Accident Roundup for March 2017

Last month saw a slew of accidents occuring around the state, with one of the most covered in North West Indiana being that of a woman who smashed her car into a dealership, leading to her death. The woman, identified as a 52-year-old was driving west via Route 20 in Burns Harbor before veering off the road, getting into a ditch and rolling over three cars parked at a Kia dealership nearby. Officials state that the cause of the accident remains unknown.

Northern Indiana Car Crash Leaves Three Dead

In Rolling Prairie, Northern Indiana, three people died in a car accident when their car collided with a semitrailer. Police at the La Porte County Sheriff’s Office added that the accident happened on the U.S 20 in the early morning hours of March 17th, in the South Bend area. The semi driver was not injured, and the truck was carrying steel coils. It is speculated that poor weather conditions resulting in slush and ice on the road could have played a role in the accident.

Borden Indiana Car Accident Leads to Kid’s Death

Over in Borden Indiana, double tragedy visited a family when their son was involved in a car accident, a few weeks after his brother died in a drowning. Ayden Roberts died after the car in which he and his father were driving collided with two other cars on Borden’s State Road 60. The car, split in half due the impact of the accident was a white Chevrolet Impala. The child was taken to nearby Norton’s Children’s Hospital but died shortly after.

Multicar Accident in Avon, Indiana

In Avon, Indiana, a multicar accident involving more than 10 vehicles resulted in 3 people getting injured. The accident happened on the night of March 4th, near Rockville Road and Cable Drive. The accident started after a van traveling westbound on U.S Highway 36 veered off the road, crashing into the parking lot of the newly-opened Primanti Bros. restaurant, smashing into 10 cars that were parked in the parking lot. The people injured included the two occupants of the van as well as a person sitting inside one of the parked cars.

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