Daycare Neglect

Daycare abuse is a serious issue that doesn’t receive the attention that it deserves. Daycare centers are supposed to offer children a loving environment in which they can play at socialize with other children while their parents are away at work. That being said, a lot of these centers are being run by negligent management whose priority is to make as much money as possible off these parents without providing a satisfactory level of care, leading to abuse and neglect cases.

Daycare abuse can take on many forms:

  • Verbal abuse such as calling a kid ‘dummy’, ‘stupid’ or ‘loser’
  • Not providing the child with snacks, meals or refreshments
  • Humiliating the child in front of other kids
  • Sexual abuse
  • Emotional abuse such as continuously manipulating and taunting the child

Suspect Workers

Daycare abuse cases usually involve workers who almost always have a history of abuse. This means that they may have been charged with a criminal offense in the past, or even jailed. A lot of daycare centers don’t do their due diligence when it comes to doing extensive background checks. They also have very few qualifications requirements, meaning that they will accept almost anyone who applies for this kind of job.

Signs of Daycare Neglect

Daycare neglect can be relatively easy to spot if you know your child. Look for behavioral changes, an increase in bedwetting or nightmares, or unexplained bruises that never heal. In addition, if your child starts becoming suddenly aggressive or withdrawn, there could be some kind of abuse going on that you’re not privy to.

Video Footage of Daycare Child Neglect

How do you prove this? Demand to see video footage from the daycare center. If it is a privately held entity, you will have to go through a court to obtain a subpoena. This is usually best done with the help of a good  personal injury law firm such as ours, and if it’s a public daycare center, write a formal letter to the authorities requesting access to these records while being as specific as you can. All the same, you will need good legal representation in order to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.