Indiana Dog Bite Laws

Dogs make great companions and can serve a purpose as useful protectors of a home. Families all over Indiana love their furry friends and treat them like members of their family. However, what happens when a dog bites a stranger or government employee such as a letter carrier in or around the vicinity of the family’s compound?

Dog Bite Laws In Indiana

Dog bite laws in Indiana are different from those that exist in other states, but not too much. To begin with, the law requires that dog owners train their pets in order to have them react in the proper manner when a stranger approaches their premises. At the same time, dogs are supposed to be kept on a leash unless there are certain special circumstances that may require them to be let loose, or if there is a fence or a door that can constrain them.

According to Indiana Code § 15-20-1-3, a dog owner is responsible or liable for another person’s injuries if their dog, without provocation, bites an individual who is acting in a peaceable manner if the dog is in a location where the owner’s duty of care is clearly present such as within their compound. However, you have to be lawfully present in that environment such as in the case of a government worker carrying out a duty, or a person who has been invited to the premises for the purposes of conducting business or is making a social call.

Indiana One Bite Rule

Indiana is one of the 18 US states that gives dog owners the grace of the one bite rule. That is to say, a dog owner will not be held liable if their dog bites another person if this is their first time. However, this law doesn’t apply if the bite was sustained by a government worker.

In addition, dog owners in Indiana are liable for their dogs causing injury even if they had no prior knowledge of their dog’s vicious nature in the past. While dogs are presumed to be harmless under Indiana common law, negligence is always a factor when it comes to establishing liability. On top of that, the propensity of a dog to act in a dangerous manner trumps the harmless common law theory, making it easy for you as an Indiana dog bite victim to file a lawsuit to recover money damages.

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