Indiana Flatbed Accidents

Truck Accidents

As a driver on Indiana roads and highways, you are bound to share road real estate with large vehicles such as trucks and flatbeds from time to time. These are used by certain industries to transport heavy items that are so large that they can’t be fitted into a closed truck. A flatbed doesn’t have a ceiling or sides, making it perfect for transporting bulgy things like wind turbines, wide cars, boats and construction equipment.

Why Flatbed Trucks are Different

Flatbed trucks usually require care when it comes to loading items as well as driving them. Drivers should be specially trained and provided with adequate rest from time to time. Because of the heavy loads carried, flatbeds may gently sway from side to side, and they may not take corners as smoothly as other trucks or cars. Because of this, Indiana flatbed truck drivers must take their time and be aware of other motorists at all times.

Truck Accident Negligence in Indiana

Capitalism, however, rears its ugly head when it comes to trucking companies who want to save on fuel as well as make as much money as they can. These are notorious for overworking their drivers leading to fatigue, not carrying out safety checks during flatbed cargo loading, hiring inexperienced or untrained drivers, and not monitoring the driving of individual flatbed operators. The people that bear the brunt of this negligence are Joe Public, who usually suffer serious and sometimes catastrophic injuries.

How Flatbed Accidents Happen

There are two ways in which flatbed accidents can occur. A head-on or rear-end collision with a flatbed truck in Indiana occurs when the driver of one of these trucks loses control of their vehicle and crashes into traffic. They may also be driving while intoxicated or not paying attention to the road in front of and behind them, making it that more likely for an accident to occur. The second way is via the load on the back of a flatbed coming off because of improper securing, flying into oncoming traffic and injuring other drivers.

Flatbed accidents are more often than not due to negligence. That is to say, the actions of another person (in this case the flatbed driver) were at the time of the accident reckless or egregious, which led to another person getting injured. As a result, it is possible to file an Indiana truck accident lawsuit so one can recover money damages.

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