Indiana Rental Car Accidents – What To Do

Car Accidents

Renting a car can give you the convenience and freedom of moving around a city that you’re not familiar such as in the case of a vacation or out-of-town visit. However, what happens when the car you hire is involved in an Indiana accident? Rental companies usually offer additional insurance; that being said, most people waive this cover, thinking that they would never get into an accident for whatever reason.

Rental car accidents are complex because of the many parties involved. For starters, you may need to determine these parties, with the primary one being your insurance company. The rental car’s insurance company will also come into play, and your credit card company if you rented the car with it since it’s not uncommon to get automatic insurance coverage should you choose this payment method. Lastly, there might be other insurance companies to contend and fight with if you opted for supplemental cover.

What to Do After a Northwest Indiana Rental Car Accident

It is important to take down vital information that will help your case shortly after an accident. For example, ask the rental car company to provide you with a copy of your rental agreement. In addition, request that you are provided with photos which detail damage done to all vehicles, as well as a copy of the police report and repair estimates as well as documentation detailing claims.

Don’t Negotiate With Your Northwest Indiana Insurance Company

Your insurance company is most likely going to give you a hard time should you make a move to claim compensation in order to fix the rental company car. They may allege that certain clauses in your policy disqualify you from collecting if the car was a rental, or they may even pull up your driving or medical history to discredit your attempts to seek out a claim. Because of this, we usually advise our clients not to waste their breath and get in touch with us immediately so we can give them a fair assessment and deal with the complex interplay between insurance companies.

Get Legal Help Today!

Injuries sustained after rental car accidents in Indiana can be life changing. If the accident wasn’t your fault and can prove this from the police report as well as eye-witness testimony, you may be eligible for compensation. Please call us today at 877-561-3004 for more information into Indiana car crashes. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.